Finding addresses or property identification.

SOP for gate that appears to be stuck open.

Finding addresses or property identification

Here are the steps that might simplify the challenge of finding addresses for homes under construction.
Basically, you go to the Bexar country site map page, click on the icon for current location, click on the property, then click the details.
You'll see the property owners information.  You will need to be on the property for this to work since it's using the phone's GPs location to look for the property. 

Link to Bexar County Map Search

SOP for gate that appears to be stuck open.

Each of the gates have a reflector located next to where the gate closes, it is on the opposite side of the road from the Lift Master.  When the temperature changes quickly and there is high humidity, these will fog up.  If you wipe off the reflector the gate should start working.  If that doesn't fix it, see about wiping off the electric eye that is on the opposite of the road pointing towards the reflector that you just wiped off.   That should fix the issue, and the gate should close.  Ivory Canyon Entry Gate is held open from 7:45am to 5pm M-F and 8:45am to 4pm Saturday, so other than those times all the gates should be closed.